A path to Self

A journey to self-love and compassion


October 28 - 31, 2023

In the picturesque countryside of Spain, surrounded by mountains and overlooking the beautiful lake, re-discover the path to your own Self with love & compassion. Retreat in this secluded gem, with daily transformative Yoga classes, Meditation and Chanting, great food, and wonderful company. On this remote Yoga retreat, I'll be holding the space for a woman who feels the need to retreat from the world for a couple of days to better engage with it - restored, renewed, rejuvenated.


The retreat, Vinyasa Yoga, Meditation, Compassion workshop


October 28-31, 2023
4 days, 3 nights


Andalusia, Spain


Women only


Gea Krajcar


Josipa Mihic - Gestalt psychotherapist, Mindfulness & Compassion-focused therapy

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Overview & Highligths

In a series of my women-only Yoga retreats, I'm taking you to Andalusia, Spain! During this retreat we will work on re-discovering the deep, intimate relationship to our own Self, through heart-centered practice putting love & compassion in great focus. We'll nourish the feminine energy through themed Vinyasa yoga classes, meditation, chanting and experiental Compassion workshop. You are in for a real, transformative treat that will leave you deeply rested and moved.
In 4 days, you will:

  • Practice soulful, themed Vinyasa Yoga classes
  • Attend an experiental workshop: "A circle of [Self] Compassion"
  • Immerse in chants & mantras
  • Repose during meditation and breathwork sessions
  • Visit the Buddhist temple
  • Eat healthy, organic, vegetarian meals prepared by our Michelin-star personal chef
  • Regenerate in the sun and the outdoor pool

Yoga - what to expect?

You can expect a soulful Vinyasa practice - rich, intelligent asana sequencing with a focus on proper alignment of your body, wrapped in fluid movement and creative flow, inspired by myths and storytelling intertwined with the theme.
In the afternoon we will dive into the regenerative, gentle lunar and restorative flows. It will be an open invitation to turn inwards, tap into the stillness, calmness and mystery.

Grounding ~ Finding the home within the body, heart & mind
Ritual ~ Charge your life with intention and sacredness through the power of ritual
Compassion ~ Building a compassionate circle to hold your heart and the hearts of others in.
Self-love ~ Cultivating love and harmony to enhance our health and wellbeing.

A circle of [Self] Compassion

Did you know that 80% of people treat others nicer in times of difficulty than they would treat themselves in similar situations?
In a safe and supportive environment of this workshop, we will explore the quality of the relationship we have with ourselves using associative cards, art materials and guided visualization techniques, all in order to be gentler with ourselves.
Through providing compassion to others, we are strengthening others and enhancing the quality of relationships we have with them, as well as the quality of our lives. Through guided meditation, we will encourage our capacity for compassion towards people close to us and those who will become so.

Buddhist stupa

The stupa [Buddhist monument] symbolizes the body, speech, and mind of Buddha and of all enlightened beings, as well as universal peace.
During our retreat, we will visit the first Buddhist Kalachakra stupa built in the Western hemisphere! The Kalachakra is the rarest type of stupa -at the present time, there are only five Kalachakra stupas in the world.
We'll take a mindful long walk to the stupa, and hopefully join the guided meditation in the temple if it will be available! Or outside :)

accommodation & food

Our home for the retreat is located in the picturesque village in Andalusia, close to Malaga, but hidden in the mountains, overlooking a beautiful lake. We have an outdoor pool, and a gorgeous Yoga Shala for meditation and yoga classes. All rooms are en-suite, and you can choose between twin, double and single room options. You can bring a friend and we will make sure that you share the room. Airfare is not included, but malaga is the closest airport to reach our home!
Food is such a big highlight of my retreats, and I did my best to make it special. One man is allowed on the retreat, and his name is Leon! Leon is our private, Michelin-star chef who will prepare absolutely delicious vegetarian food for us!
And when talking about meals, we don't play it light, here is what's included daily:
Afternoon snack
3-course dinner (now we're talking!)

Gea Yoga

Teachers - Gea Krajcar

I am Gea Krajcar, a Yoga teacher & trainer, and founder of the SOMA Yoga studio in Wandsworth, London. I help you live a resilient and harmonious life through Yoga classes, courses and retreats, and I teach you how to become a thriving Yoga, Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga teacher.
My classes are a soulful offering of the heart centered yoga practice rich with creative sequencing, functional alignment, mantra & skillfully weaved yoga philosophy.

Curating the women-only retreats throughout the past years always reminds me of the transformative power of sitting in a circle, held by other women in beauty, rawness and openness. Throughout my career, creating and holding this space for you has opened some of the deepest connections of our hearts and souls, and something that deeply changed me. And I hope it will be that for you, too.

Gea Yoga
Gea Yoga

Teachers - Josipa Mihic

I'm absolutely delighted to introduce you to our guest teacher for the retreat. Josipa is one of my dearest friends, an expert in the field of mindfulness and compassion, and one of the most regular attendees of our retreats!

Josipa is a Gestalt psychotherapist with experience in individual and group therapeutic and psycho-educational work. She was additionally trained in the application of mindfulness meditative practice in psychotherapy, associative cards, and the field of compassion-focused therapy.
She is a researcher and a lecturer interested in the field of mental health promotion, the development of emotional capacities and the quality of relationships with oneself and others.
On this retreat, Josipa will teach the experiental workshop: A circle of Compassion and Self Compassion.

Gea Yoga
Gea Yoga

Packages include

  • 4 days, 3 nights accommodation in a private villa overlooking the lake
  • Daily meals: Brunch, afternoon snacks & 3-course dinner by our Michelin-star private chef!
  • Full program: 12h Yoga, Meditation, Chanting
  • Experiential workshop: A circle of Self-compassion and compassion
  • Buddhist Temple visit

Twin room en-suite £450 per person
Double room en-suite £450 per person
Single room en-suite £650

Payment plans available - deposit is 30% to reserve your spot, and the rest is due September 1st, 2023. (installments available without any extra fees - email me)

Gea Yoga
Gea Yoga
Gea Yoga