Mythic Vinyasa Flow

Lakshmi | Durga | Nataraja


March 9 & 10, 2024

Embark on a mystical journey into the world of Yogic mythology and inspire your Yoga practice with the timeless wisdom and an integrated embodiment of the legendary tales, deities and mythic beings.


All levels Vinyasa & storytelling workshops


March 9 & 10, 2024


Yoga plejs, Zagreb


Open for everyone open to play.


Gea Krajcar

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Overview & Highligths

Mythic Vinyasa Series is a transformative and holistic experience that invites participants to immerse themselves in the mythic realm, explore the depths of yoga philosophy, connect with their bodies through dynamic asana practice, and invoke the divine through the sacred practice of chanting. Join me in Zagreb for workshops inspired by Lakshmi, Durga and Nataraja.

  • Mythic storytelling
  • All levels Vinyasa Flow
  • Peak pose step-by-step break-down
  • Embodying the poses inspired by deities and mythic beings
  • Mantras and devotional chanting
  • Pranayama and meditation
Gea Yoga

Lakshmi - The Flow of abundance

Being born from the stirring of the primordial milky ocean by the gods and demons, Lakshmi holds the remembrance of meeting and befriending both the light and the shadow within us in order to rise with beauty and grace into material and spiritual abundance. To embody Lakshmi, the Goddess of Love, is to cultivate an open heart and call home all the dark corners of the Self, to awaken into your inner radiance. In this practice, we’ll explore the principles of backbending and the subtle aspects of opening our hearts to the world.

SATURDAY 10 - 12

Durga - Courage and Grace

Durga means “fortress”, the “tough-going one”, because when the tough gets going, she’s the one to call. She’s the warrior of courage, protection, and strength, the power and force behind our spiritual awakening, initiating change and growth. Explore your resilience, courage and grace, inspired by Durga’s quests, riding a lion into epic battles against the demons of ego, self doubt and unworthiness.

SATURDAY 17 - 19

Gea Yoga
Gea Yoga

Nataraja - The dance of bliss

Shiva Nataraja is portrayed in the ecstatic dance of destruction which lays the foundation for creation and sustenance of the universe. He dances at the center of the wheel of fire which symbolizes the eternal cycle of life, birth, and death. It’s an invitation to keep fearlessly dancing in the unstoppable passage of time and life, and seek bliss in the midst of it. We’ll explore the magnificent Dancer’s pose - Natarajasana, and break it down for all levels to find bliss in your own expression of it.

SUNDAY 10 - 12